DIY Deodorant with only 3 basic ingredients!

One of the most frequent hygiene product that we all need every day is a hassle to buy because of all the choices, and is also super toxic! Also, i personally dislike the strong perfumes of deodorants sold in stores. And what about the packaging, all those empty deodorant bottles going to waste! Luckily, i have the perfect solution for you. Super easy to make, and you can choose the scent and change whenever you feel like it. Plus, it doesn’t irritate your skin like a lot of shop deodorants do. Do you want to cut out chemicals from your care routine? Make your own! Antiperspirant, homemade by you, without harsh chemicals and above all very economical!

Side effects of using regular toxic deodorants

Everyone uses deodorant, right? This cosmetic product is probably as popular and needed as toothpaste. Today, many studies have been done about it. As consumers, you might never have thought about what problems they might cause.

For example, did you know deodorants can damage your skin? Most brands use aluminum chlorohydrate, which is commonly referred to as “aluminum salts”. This chemical block sweat, which is a good thing. But what they also cover is our pores! Our pores regulate the temperature of our body, blocking them disrupt this natural process. It prevents our body to work naturally as it should.

That’s not all folks. Some studies also show frequent use of anti-sweat products can cause breast cancer. The substances of these deodorants penetrate into the skin and then settle in our chest, very close to the armpits. Don’t risk your health to cover your body odour.

diy deodorant

Eco-friendly, natural, cruelty-free, vegan DIY deodorant

The fun part of making your own diy deodorant is that you can choose your own aroma! Personally, this is a big plus for me. I don’t like the mix they sell in stores, it’s just too much, too strong and the perfumes are never the ones I like. With essentials oils, you can make the most amazing mixes, and they will not burn your nostrils away sniffing it. The ones I use the most are tea tree, citrus and ylang ylang.

Are you ready to run to your kitchen? I promised only 3 ingredients, here they are:

Buy baking soda in bulk in a paper package from Ecodis here. Baking soda can be used to do many things the natural way in addition to deodorant, like cleaning your oven, baking goods. You can read all about it in my post about the multifunctional use of baking soda here.

For your choice of scent, you can find awesome essentials oils at Ecoveganic. Like individual scents like Lemongrass, Tea Tree or Ylang Ylang! You’re the boss of your own scent mix for your diy deodorant.

These ingredients will make you the base of your DIY Deodorant. Add a few drops of your favourite essentials oils and you’re good to go and sweat away! Keep the deodorant in your favourite container, preferably a glass jar. Are you going on a vacation? Make a smaller batch and take it with you! If the weather is hot, keep your deodorant in your refrigerator. Enjoy your eco friendly, natural, cruelty free, vegan deodorant!

What’s your favorite mix of essential oils?

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