Zero waste vegan air freshner

By now, you must know that I don’t like strong toxic perfumes and scents. Why would you use that while nature has so many wonderful smells to offer? From making my own deodorant to perfume, I also make air freshner at home! As usual, it is super easy, it’s ecofriendly and cruelty free, and I can guarantee you you will live longer by making your own DIY Air Freshner. By the way, I don’t use this all the time, because in the end, there is nothing like fragrance-free air!

The toxicity of store bought air freshners

Because we spend the majority at home nowadays, at work or at school, which is a good 90% of our time, it is important to keep the indoor air clean. The use of many toxic products like air freshners, cleaning products, personal care products, and even furniture contribute significantly to indoor air pollution.

Now i don’t know about you, but the ingredient “fragrance” to me is a bit to vague. When it’s vague, when it comes to commercial products, it probably means they don’t want you to know what’s in the product. Which worries me! Companies are legally allowed to keep just this word in the ingredient list as a so called “trade secret”. Fewer than 10% of air freshener ingredients are typically disclosed to the public. This lack of disclosure is a problem as it becomes impossible for consumers to know what substances they might be exposed to.

Integrate a homemade air freshener into your life

This way you can still enjoy the nice scents, but without all the junk. Make it with essential oils which you can choose yourself, plus many of them also offer antiviral, anti-fungal and even antibiotic properties.


  • 1/3 Alcohol
  • 2/3 Water
  • A couple of drops of your favourite essential oil(s)

Mix the ingredients together and put it in a glass spray bottle, spray and enjoy!


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