Zero waste vegan dry shampoo

We all know that store bought dry shampoo has a zillion ingredients that you really don’t want to inhale nor use on your head and hair such as talc, isobutane, butane, propane, limonene, geraniol, and hormone-disrupting parabens. On top of that, most products use destructive aerosol cans which is the worst for the environment! What if I told you you have dry shampoo in your pantry? Extremely cheap, zero waste and cruelty free!

For light and dark hair

Washing your hair too often can be damaging, so prolonging some time to that moment with natural ingredients is a great solution to keep your hair healthy. Note that it is not replacing a good hair wash, and you do need to really clean your hair every now and then. Corn starch soaks up excess oils, which makes your hair look nice and fluffy again. If you have dark hair, add some cacao powder to the mix. The oil-absorbing substance can then gets brushed, combed, or blown through the hair. It disappears, along with the extra oil, and leaves the hair feeling and looking less greasy.


Mix the ingredients together thoroughly. If there are any clumps, break them up with the back of a spoon. The mixture should be completely powdered when you’re done. Adding in the essential oil is optional but it does add a nice, fresh scent to your hair. You can add any essential oil that you wish, just stay away from the citrus varieties as they can cause photo-toxicity when used on your scalp and exposed to the sun.

Dry shampoo container

To make it easier to apply, use a powder sifter container to powder your hair. It’s also a great way to do some retouching while you’re on the go!


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