Coffee grounds as a healthy snacks

I don’t think i’m ever without those energy bites in my house. I make a huge batch, keep some in the refrigerator and some in the freezer. They are great for when you have people coming over for coffee, or if you are a sweet tooth like me, as a small dessert after diner in the evening. They are super healthy snacks and incredibly easy to make, no baking needed! Who knew you could eat ground coffee…


  • 150gr nuts, you can use any nuts you like as long as they are not salted (hazelnuts, cashew, brazil nuts, etc…)
    230 g dates, soft medjool and normal dates are the perfect mix
    20gr of ground coffee
    20ml oil of your choice (coconut oil, flax seed oil, hazelnut oil, etc…) to make the mix stick together


  1. In a blender, grind all your nuts until your favorite consistency, and put them aside
    Still in a blender, grind all your dates until smooth-ish
    Add your oil, ground coffee and pinch of salt
    That’s it, now you can make balls, or bars, or little stars for that matter! Any shape you like. And if you want to decorate them, you can do so with coconut flakes or seeds or chocolate
Healthy snacks

This recipe varieties are endless. Each nut will make the result different, each coffee will give a distinct taste, and each oil will create a different aroma. It’s all about your mood and favorite flavours!

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