Heart versus mind

My life is both practical and emotional, like most of us I believe. Sometimes it makes sense to allow emotions to learn from it, and sometimes they are incorrect due to past events. In doubt, stoicism books are a handy way to rationalise. Epictetus was a Stoic philosopher. He was primarily concerned with integrity, self-discipline and personal freedom. His knowledge was conveyed in a way of life.

A new perspective

It may take some getting used to for those who use positivity as a solution for everything. Personally, I think that is simply another concealment of the problem. The “reconsideration” that became a hype a while ago does not do anything with the cause of the problem. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that another mind-set may offer a new useful perspective on occasion, but some feelings are not straightforward to think.

Stoicism has been given a bad name. This is often linked to emotionless or cold. The opposite is true. It only teaches you to feel in a new way. Take this advice for example:

“If you keep death, exile, and everything that seems terrible in mind, and especially death, you will never consider anything disapproving or desperate for anything.”

Instinctively this sounds depressing. But when you think about it a little longer, you understand the essence. We often take the beautiful things around us for granted. And then we only want more. If you take a moment to consider the hard fact of your limited time on this earth and you realise that there are diseases that cannot be cured, that there are people who have to walk miles for a glass of water, you will be extremely happy if you go to your tap can run to pour in infinite amounts of clean drinking water for yourself!

Stoicism books

Stoicism books – Epictetus

And so Mr. Epictetus wrote 53 life lessons for us in this notebook. You can read it in sequence, interchangeably, in one day or take months. You can re-read it and always find something new in it. You will certainly be wiser.

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