A minimalist wardrobe will save you time and money

Part of living a minimalistic lifestyle, is a minimalist wardrobe. That means you create outfits with just a couple of items. If you do this smart, you end up with just a few items and multiple ways to wear them for every occasion. Think about the time and money you will save? Does this sound like a dream to you too?

This idea is also referred as a capsule wardrobe. This means your wardrobe consists of a number of items of good quality. You want to create sustainable ensembles.

Get rid of your shopping addiction

Seriously, don’t be a shopping addict. Fashionista Caroline Rector also wanted to get rid of her shop addiction and set herself the strict requirement of 37 items per season. That may not even sound that bad, remember shoes and jackets are counted. Items which are not counted are underwear, sportswear, pyjamas and accessories. This approach worked for her, but look for a structure that works best for you. Determine for yourself a specific maximum number of items. The main rule is, less is more.

Clean your closet and keep the essentials

Did you notice when you’re in front of your closet, you only choose the same items? Ever bother to ask yourself why you keep the rest? It clutters your closet, even worse it clutters your mind. It’s time to clean it up! This will be the first step you need to take to minimalism.

  1. Select those precious fashion items you always wear and put aside the ones that you always doubt about.
  2. Make sure that (almost) all of your garments can be combined with each other, in order to put together as many outfits as possible.
  3. Select items of clothing with which you can put together outfits for different occasions that suit your lifestyle: a night out, to work or a job interview and nice and casual for your leisure time.
  4. What are you missing? Go in search of that – a piece of clothing that can complement your outfits. Shop sustainable: buy second hand, or choose quality and a responsible brand.

If the items you don’t wear are still in good condition, don’t throw them out. Give them to a second hand shop in your area, or sell them online. A win-win situation, with those earnings, you can buy new items if necessary for your minimalist wardrobe. If you think that you will earn little to nothing from what you throw away, you can give the clothing to a good cause or take it to the thrift store.

Monochromatic colours for a simple wardrobe

What worked for me? I guess i’m an extreme minimalist. I chose black and that was the end of it. No more color matching disasters, monochrome seemed like the answer to my struggle. If you do have more fashion sense, then please add different colors to the world, but it just wasn’t worth my time as i do not understand fashion. This is what hang in my closet: 3 black pants, 4 blouses, 3 knitwear, 2 blazers, 1 shirts, 3 polo’s, and one black cardigan. I own one pair of black Timberland shoes (known to last forever), and one pair of thongs. All my hipsters, bra’s and socks are black too! That’s a total of 17 items excluding shoes, and underwear. Pretty damn good. I never worry about what to wear, which gives me more time to enjoy my coffee in the morning!

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