A Norwegian movie gem

I actually went to see Mot Naturen out to the theater to see this one! Some movies deserve time and a large screen. The storyline is so intriguing, i recommend this movie to everyone who is human, with all our human problems and thoughts.

mot naturen

“People watching” and eavesdropping

Do you sometimes sit on a bench outside and have a session of “people-watching”? I’m a huge fan of this activity. I know it’s wrong to judge a book by it’s cover, and of course my imagination is probably more wrong then right., but it’s still very interesting to take the time to see who we co-live with on this planet. I’m also a huge fan of listening to other people’s conversation. Not very polite, but very entertaining. And even worse, if i hear or see someone i can help, i will actually bug in! The easiest one to do without a bad response to your mingling in someone else’s life is giving direction. If someone seems lost, a simple “Can i help you?” is the most humane thing to do.

7.7 Billion humans with different thoughts

If you are interested in our psychology, you’re most likely to analyse people and ask questions. You try to empathise and understand another life. Personally i do this to learn as i also talk about in my other post about conversations. But in general, it is quite fascinating how we act and what we say. We’re 7.7 billion humans with different thoughts, yet a lot of similarities. The only one you will truly know are your close friends and family. And even then, you’ll never be able to hear their inner voice. You know, the one that talks to you all day every day non stop? Your most intimate thoughts, your most silly brain waves will only be known to you. In the movie Mot Naturen, you’ll be able to get to know Martin and his inner reflection on everything happening in his life. Sometimes even shocking! And this is what makes this movie so great. I don’t recall having seen such concept in any other movies before. It gives a feeling of a voyeurism, you intrude in his deep human core.

The things we all do but never talk about

Martin has a regular Norwegian life. It is therefor easy to relate to his contemplation and struggles. The movie will show you all of Martin, and when i say all, i mean all. Everyone knows about the taboo’s in life. The little things you would never do in front of others, but when alone…who cares! Somehow they are embarrassments, even if everyone knows we all do it. If you think you don’t, here are some examples. In the spirit of the movie, i’ll try to type the untypable: picking your nose, peeing in the shower, talking to yourself, letting air out of your system, grab fallen food of the floor and eat it using the five second rule, sniff your armpits, eating half a liter of ice cream by yourself…you get the gist. Here are some fun stories additional to the movie of people and their “i thought i was alone” anecdote on Reddit. If you care to tell your story, please leave a comment!

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