The truth about the meat industry is crude

I received this movie tip Okja from a colleague a month ago. I watched the trailer and I was sold. This film reflects the meat industry of today so well. Some images are crude, you wouldn’t think it’s a children’s movie. Cruel pictures and movies online made me a vegan 3 years ago, that’s how effective they were. Knowing how animals are treated for our taste bud pleasure was too much for me to handle. I can’t stop the meat industry, but at least i do no longer add to their clientele.

Do you know where your meat comes from?

Okja is a kind of pig, or cow as I interpret it through the sounds that the creature makes in the movie. A large corporation has genetically manipulated this animal to feed the entire world. In order to not scare the consumers, they use marketing to make their story less horrifying. Because who wants to consume genetically modified meat, right? The similarities of Okja with our society and how the big brands hide the truth is shocking. The worse part is, we have no control of it. Do you know where your meat comes from? Do you trust the supermarket, farm or butcher you buy it from?

The 2013 horse meat scandal

Maybe you forgot, maybe you didn’t know yet, but something disgusting happened 6 years ago. The 2013 horse meat scandal was a scandal in parts of Europe in which foods advertised as containing beef were found to contain undeclared or improperly declared horse meat -as much as 100% of the meat content in some cases. A smaller number of products also contained other undeclared meats, such as pork. The issue came to light on 15 January 2013, when it was reported that horse DNA had been discovered in frozen beefburgers sold in several Irish and British supermarkets. The scandal revealed a major breakdown in the traceability of the food supply chain. I’m sure that’s not the only case of food labeling that went wrong. My advice is, know where your food comes from!


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