I discovered this recipe and I needed to share it with you. Autumn is coming, and what is more soothing then a nice flavourful hot soup! Me and my friend went to the park and had a little picknick with fresh baked bread and our soups in our flasks. It was a blissful moment.

On top of that, I reckon you won’t get sick this winter if you infuse some of this soup in your monthly routine. The ginger, garlic, onion mix and healthy pumpkins and carrots will keep you strong!

If you have them in your garden, imagine the sweet smell of lavender…in a cake! Lavender cake has the right balance of ingredients for a delicious treat. It is really easy to make and delicious! It isn’t too heavy or too sweet, the perfect snack with your coffee or tea. While you can use any lavender, I think the best type of lavender for cooking is any variety of English Lavender. This is the one with the smooth narrow leaves.