Relationship fights will actually bring you closer

Are you the person who tries to avoid an argument in your relationships? If so, stop escaping them, as they are super healthy for you and the one you have an argument with! As uncomfortable as they may be, it is an important way to stay connected with one another. You should always want your partner to be happy, but never hide your feelings. Not talking or arguing will kill your relationship in an instant. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but don’t think a fight has to be a bad thing. They actually clear the air and bring us closer to each other.

Do not fight below the belt

We all have our bad moments in a fight, when we feel so hurt we sometimes forget the rules about arguing. An obvious rule would be no name calling. If you want to tell your partner how you feel, it should always be respectful. You’re not trying to humiliate or downgrade your partner! Even if you’re hurt, you should always have the best intention when expressing your feelings. Another rule in relationship fights, do not attack nor defend. Instead try to understand the other person’s needs as you would wish they’ll understand yours when you have something to share. People just want to be heard and their feelings accepted. Furthermore, do not aim for winning. You’re having an argument to be heard to to be right. Wanting to be right just for the sake of it will lead you to nowhere.

Turn an argument into a conversation

It is highly unlikely that your partner has picked a fight with you for no good reason, so approach a healthy argument by asking questions. Turn the fight into a constructive talk that allow for emotional expression while avoiding abuse. This will strengthens your relationship and the trust in one another. What i also like to do is picture the cuddle at the end. This way, i only have one goal, no matter how bad it gets. And the goal always gets real because that’s what i’m aiming for. That doesn’t mean you should speed up or not take the matter serious. Listen to your partner and understand where he/she is coming from. Take your time. Remember that conflict and arguing should not be seen as a threat, rather, it is an event that can help your relationship evolve and grow and for you to get to know a close relationship partner better.

Couples who argue are more likely to stay together

I know it sounds like a paradox, but many studies have shown that a couples who engage in a healthy conflict are 10 times more likely to have a happy relationship versus those who ignore difficult conversations. Do you have arguments? If yes, how do you deal with them? Let me know your experiences on the good, the bad and the ugly in conflicts you had.

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