The environmental cost of single use coffee pods

Did you know that globally, 59 billion coffee capsules have been produced in 2018? And over 95% are still plastic and aluminium. Which means that is 56.05 billion capsules that year alone went to landfill or nature. All these pods will sit there for up to 500 years, as neither plastic nor metal is biodegradable where they’ll disintegrate into microplastics. But it’s not only the end product which is horrific for our environment.

The manufacturing of products and packaging takes energy – energy that results in pollutants being dispelled into the air, water and earth. But what many of us don’t consider is the energy it takes to recycle those products. From the trucks that transport recycling bins to the machines used in recycling facilities, energy is needed to break down each item, with some materials requiring more energy to process than others. As convenient as they are, coffee capsules are not easily recycled. That’s because they’re too small for our recycling facilities to separate them from other rubbish, and end up falling through into general waste and contributing to the global landfill issue.

Reusable coffee cups, big savings for you and the environment

Here’s another fact, worldwide we spend €13.80 billion on coffee pods in 2017! Luckily for us, Recap has created the perfect sustainable and economical solution. Their reusable coffee cups are designed to last a lifetime, so you can reduce your environmental impact with every brew, and enjoy your coffee the green way. Recap is a reusable capsule system that consists of refillable capsules made of stainless steel and recyclable lids that are aluminum based.

And the cool part is, you can fill your reusable coffee pod with your choice of ground coffee! Which means you can go to your favorite coffee shop and either buy ready made coffee or you can grind your beans fresh at home. Be aware of where your coffee comes from, as this is a product which (like chocolate) exploit the makers.

PS: Don’t forget to compost your coffee!

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