Every year, 8 billion kilos of plastic disappears into the oceans.

In the most favorable estimate, 4.8 million tonnes of plastic per year end up in the oceans and in the worst case 12.7 million tonnes of plastic per year. The amount of years needed to break plastic up is 200 years.

Because they are so small and light, they often do not end up in special plastic waste bins and are therefore not recycled. You can see that on every beach. And although straws are only a minute part of the total amount of plastic in the seas, their small size makes them very treacherous polluters. And if you care about animals like i do, think about this, 100.000 marine animals die every year from ingesting plastic. This little miss Steer tells it straight…If you care, join her movement Straws no more!

The solution is simple and better for your health

Plastic is carcinogenic, reason enough to stop using it. The chemicals in BPA in particular act similarly to oestrogen and, in the long run, can possibly interfere with women’s hormonal balance and affect reproduction. Research has also linked BPA to breast cancer in animals along with obesity, thyroid issues and neurologic disorders in humans. The World Health Organization has shown that exposure to high concentrations of Phthalates and BPA during pregnancy can lead to the child experiencing lung problems or being more likely to develop asthma later in life. In children the high exposure to these chemicals has been linked to increased insulin resistance and elevated blood pressure. New York University School of Medicine has stated that this could be playing an important part in the epidemic of childhood obesity and diabetes as well as linked to negative effects for the heart and kidneys.

Have the courage to say no in public

#RefusetheStraw is an online movement that encourages people to avoid using plastic straws in an effort to keep oceans clean. Straw-refusers are making the promise to consume their drinks without an unnecessary plastic straw. This is a simple way to reduce the 500 million plastic straws used each day in America. When ordering your drink at an establishment, simply say, “no straw please, thank you,” at the end of your order and encourage your friends and family to do the same. If you really love straws, you can bring your own reusable straw.

Reusable straws: bamboo, glass, stainless steel, paper

reusable straws

Reusable straws can last for ages if you clean them properly. In addition, they do not leach chemicals and do not interact with the product you are consuming. Due to their sturdy build, reusable straws can be carried wherever you go. I’m going to be honest with you, i’ve tried them all, and my personal favorite is the glass straw. Everyone thinks it’s fragile and will break, but those straws are super tough! I like the glass because it’s the option that come the closest to drinking out of a glass. You know, the soft and smooth surface? Of course, taste is subjective! All the straws are ideal for travel, or to take to work everyday. Just pack the straws with a cleaning brush and you are good to go!

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