Safe blades for the closest shave you’ll ever get

When i first heard of safety razors, the first thing i did was check YouTube to see how it worked. It looked a bit scary, so i needed to understand the object to solve the mystery of the sharp blades. Note for you guys: don’t repeat my mistake. People have managed to overdramatised about this fabulous shaving tool, which didn’t give the safety razor a good name. Pity, because those razors are amazing! It’s not only the best choice for the planet, your skin will thank you as well. Since i used them i no longer have those bumps…you know, the bumps you get when you are shaving in a hurry or your disposable razor blade is just messing with you? I now use my safety razor in a hurry (shaving is not my idea of fun) and i never had such a close shave in my life! No irritations, smooth like a baby and painless.  

Disposable razors are one of the most wasteful products in the bathroom

Choosing to shave with a safety razor will reduce tons and tons of plastic waste. The EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown away each year. But not all plastic end up in landfills, 32% of plastic products end up in our oceans. Considering that the average person shaves 2-3 times per week and a disposable razor lasts for approximately 10 shaves, each person who shaves with disposable razors replaces them about every 5 or 6 weeks. Multiply those numbers by each person of shaving age and several hundred thousand disposable razors get used each year and thrown away. That’s not a good result folks. But we can do something about it!

safety razor

Plastic-free shaving, economical and eco-friendly

How many disposable razors do you use? For most people the average cost of shaving with disposables is around $225 annually. Shaving more than your face will obviously cost more. This number is without upgrading or changing of equipment, which people are sometimes tempted to do. In Australia alone, nearly twelve million of each sex live today. Disposable razors make a lot of money! With the cheapest shave costing about AUD $0.54, to known brands costing about $1 a shave.

A safety razor is an investment at first. But in the long run, it will save you heaps of money! You can find many safety razors that -in my opinion- look gorgeous. Some have short handles, some long. It all depends on your preferences an needs. Personally, i love the brand Mühle. High quality made in Germany:

Disposable bins for your recyclable blades

A safety razor will outlast you. A lifetime of shaving, and no plastic waste. Don’t think too long, this is the only option to shave eco-friendly. When your blade starts to feel rough, you can buy new ones. They cost around AUD $3 for 5 blades which you can use for more than a once. And the blades are recyclable! Find a dedicated razor disposal bins where you ensure they are disposed correctly in a dedicated waste stream. Check out this website to find a place near you to dispose your used blades: Safe Sharps.

PS: Don’t forget to compost your coffee!

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