Mimikaki: Japanese ear cleaning

Meet the mimikaki: an ear wax cleaner from Japan to clean your ears without polluting the earth! “Mimikaki” literally means ear stick. This is a highly cultural practice in Japan. While cleaning your ears is kind of a personal thing for many of us, in Japan cleaning another’s ears is considered an act of affection or sign of intimacy. A husband lying down with his head on his wife’s lap having his ears cleaned is an image of domestic bliss in Japan. Asians have used ear picks for many years and they still use them to this day.

sustainable ear cleaning

Japanese ear cleaning parlours

If you ever go to Japan, take some time to visit an ear cleaning parlour and relax while your ear is being massaged and cleaned.

Get yourself your own mimikaki

This ear stick is double-sided, so you can use it to remove earwax and then clean your ear. Unlike q-tips, this method doesn’t push the earwax together, instead you scoop the ear wax out of your ears. The stick is made of stainless steel, so you can easily clean it before and after use with alcohol or with soap and water. Owning a mimikaki means cleaning your ears with one instrument for a lifetime. Which is great for the environment. Happy cleaning!

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