Sustainable Greeting Cards

Celebrate special occasions with greeting cards made from 100% eco-friendly papers and printed sustainably with green energy!

Tickled Wolf is a company that is ready for a sustainable future. They create sustainable greeting cards made from post-consumer and agricultural paper waste. In other word, they upcycle materials to produce new products. On top of that, they also donate to One Tree Planted and IFAW because they care about the environment and feel responsible for our planet and life on it.

Presentation and sending

To brand their product, Tickled Wolf uses eco-friendly embossing and stamps. Even their sending envelops are made of grass cardboard and are 100% recyclable! To protect the cards they use glassine sleeves instead of plastic, this material is also 100% recyclable! They really thought of everything.

Eco-friendly printing

Thanks to an energy efficient digital press, their printing is entirely environment friendly. The press makes use of non-toxic dry toners instead of inks, which results to high efficiency transfer meaning less waste. The used toners are then recycled to close the loop! Printing is done using 100% green energy and there is no water, solvents or aluminium printing plates required at all for digital printing. Nor do they need to be screwed in or cleaned, meaning saving wasted ink and paper and using no pollutants. Great green solution to print sustainable greeting cards!

Minimal design

Furthermore, the cards are designed with minimal and stylish illustrations. They believe that less is more. The messages are thanks to this design extra cute! Judge for yourself, here is a couple of examples:

Sustainable Greeting Cards

What’s in the name?

The name is inspired by the unique and strong emotional bonds between wolfs in a pack. Everyone is part of a wolfpack, whether it is the family you’re born into or the family you choose in your life, both ties are equally important. As for the old expression “to be tickled pink”, it refers to the smile on your face when a personal card reaches your mailbox. This smile is universal. The thought of someone thinking of you simply makes a heart go fonder.

Let’s think about the planet

So if you love receiving and sending greeting cards, and you want to do so in a way that does not harm our beloved planet, visit Tickled Wolf to celebrate the special milestones of your friends and family!

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